A Brief History of Light

Paris, France


UNESCO declared 16 May as the International Day of Light and invited OCUBO to take part in the opening ceremony at Unesco HQ in Paris.

OCUBO presented an immersive light art installation named A Brief History of Light at the Official Opening Ceremony of the International Light Day.

The spectacle was projected on the main wall and ceiling of the UNESCO Headquarters’ Auditorium, presenting an original creation and production especially developed for the occasion.


The artistic concept transform, through light, the architecture of this space in a place that shows all the energy and ideas that pass through there. By redesigning the architecture of the UNESCO building using light, this art piece will show all the energy and interesting ideas that pass through there daily. Visual references of this immersive experience will be stars, fire, electricity, optical fiber, colors and shadows.

The artistic installation involved the audience in a contemplative moment where, surrounded by light, forms and colours, immersed into a spectacular audio-visual experience.

7 projectors Panasonic 16k (16.000 Lumens) Resolution 1024x768

2 Media Servers with i7 last generation, 16GB RAM, NVIDIA Quadro Pro P2000

Network Wireles 5G from Tplink.

Making Of  

Assemblies took part in UNESCO during the previous night to the event.

With the help of a team of volunteers, the team located the 7 projectors, cables and all support materials, testing both video and sound.

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