Glow Tryptic Metaphor

Eindhoven,  Netherlands


Triptych Metaphor is a site-specific artwork divided in three unique chapters and locations.


Each light installation included in this triptych artwork is a distinctive part of a progressive experience divided in three themes: Heart, Light and Time, related to Domus Dela project in Eindhoven, Netherlands. 


It starts with an abstract video mapping that explores the idea of passion, the spectrum through which humans test their limits, in madness, devotion or desire.


The artwork progresses to a second video mapping in a courtyard, representing how this spectrum can be shown, living colors representing each person's inner lights.


The artwork concludes by a tower filled with fog and light beams that presents the flux of time, in an abstract color field that allow our hope to illuminate us through whatever form our passions take. 


The original soundtrack was developed by french artist Sylvain Moreau who explores the three different themes through cohesive and progressive musical composition.

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