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Guignol Sur La colline

Lyon, France


"Guignol sur la Colline" is an imaginative film set in the universe of Guignol, which plays on the idea of permeability between the scene and reality. The main character moves from one to the other while the audience is transformed into a puppet.


The fluidity of the different universes allows the actors, real children from Lyon local school, to interact with the virtual characters and to evolve in the sets created by the participants through a workshop activity.


The result is a constant back-and-forth between reality and the imaginary where inventiveness takes place and the puppeteer is all-powerful.

Making Of  

Part of the content for this video mapping was developed under a workshop activity that OCUBO created for local school in Lyon. Besides creating their own puppets, the students become the actors in “Guignol sur la Colline”.

School: Collège Jean Moulin

Art Director : Nuno Maya

Sound Engineering: Sylvain Moreau

Le Marionnettiste: Gérald Gaudau

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