Light Paintings

Portugal, Finland, Singapore, Macau, Slovenia

Light Paintings is an interactive light installation where the audience is invited to paint the facade of buildings and other structures with light, colors and textures, creating amazing patterns mapped to the building by means of an interactive platform on site.
This artwork challenges the viewer to become an artist, creating a visual dynamic in constant mutation, as a blooming of patterns that alternates over time.

• Video projectors (according to the projected area)
• Light Paintings application (OCUBO)
• Towers for projectors
• Sound system: (according to the installation area)
• Interactive Area: mini stage, 1 Touch Screen (min. 32’’ inch)
• Media server
• USB 2 or USB 3 extension cables
• Video cables
• Energy Cabling
• Internet connection
• Optional - AppPhoto: Camera (Canon 5D) with USB connection to the computer
(takes an image of every light painting created by the audience)


• Artistic Director
• Production or Technical Manager
• Technicians for Set-Up (provided by the venue or in agreement with the artist)
• Volunteer to guide the audience through the interactive process (simple) (provided by the venue)

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