Lisbon Under Stars

Lisboa, Portugal

2018 | 2019 | 2020

LISBON UNDER STARS is an immersive multimedia spectacle with an innovative multidisciplinary concept. Carmo's own walls, transformed into a three-dimensional screen and in the voice of Catarina Furtado, tell us this adventure over more than 600 years of Lisbon and Portugal.

Art Direction - Nuno Maya   An Initiative - OCUBO

To the sound of notes Amália Rodrigues, Salvador Sobral and Fernando Pessoa poetry, LISBON UNDER STARS also counts with the special participation of several national renowned music, culture and dance artists. Mariza, Paulo Marinho, Rão Kyao, Teresa Salgueiro, Symphonic Chorus Lisboa Cantat, Symphonic Orchestra of GNR, Tocá Arrufar, Clara Andermatt Company and the National Dance Company with choreographies by Clara Andermatt are just some names that will be part of this virtual experience, and will, with their melodies and performances, engage the viewer in this remarkable audiovisual and sensorial experience.

Making Of  

Lisbon Under Stars is a very special project for Ocubo and in order to capture the true portuguese feeling we created a multi directional work with several ways of telling this story.

We created a small chroma set in our studio specifically for this project.

The story of the film is told by dancers and actors and interpreted by several portuguese musicians.

All of these persons were filmed during 2 weeks.

We filmed the 8 dancers interpreting several moods of the film that related to a specific time in our history.

The musicians were filmed playing live and then placed digitally in the movie, were the audience can see them performing virtually.

Narration - Catarina Furtado    

Special Participation - Mariza, Rão Kyao, Teresa Salgueiro, Coro de Câmara Lisboa Cantat, Orquestra da Câmara da GNR, Tocá Rufar + Paulo Marinho   

Music - Luis de Freitas Branco, Madredeus, Fernando Lopes Graça, Salvador Sobral, Amália Rodrigues, Zeca Afonso     

Choreography - Clara Andermatt     

Collaboration - Companhia Clara Andermatt, Companhia Nacional de Bailado

Dancers - Ana Moreno, Bruno freitas, Elson Márlon, Felix Lozano, Francisca Pinto, Sérgio Matias, Teresa Alves da Silva e Nuno Fernandes     

Urban Art - Add Fuel, Daniel Eime, The Super Van, Vhils     

Historic Consultant - Célia Pereira

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