Open Your Eyes

Melbourne, Australia


A humorous and contemporary reinterpretation of traditional indigenous storytelling, this project was created with the participation of Pitcha Makin Fellaz, a group of Australian Aboriginal artists. These community members meet regularly to talk and then paint on the canvas those stories that were told. This process, developed in a visually rich universe, has been conducted in a workshop where OCUBO, along the PM, sharing visions and creations and transforming the words into beautiful animated pictures.

Art Direction - Nuno Maya & Carole Purnelle   Special Participation - Pitcha Makin Fellas

Making Of  

This project started with a very emotional 2 week workshop that took place in Melbourne with a group of australian Aboriginal people. Their paintings reflect how they see the world and sense them.

In the workshop were made several stencils with animals, leafs, flower or even the structure of the facade itself. Each graphic element represented one of the six seasons of the year (Early Spring, Spring, Summer, Late Summer, Autumn and Winter).

We filmed in green screen each person stamping a graphic element on a window structure and then we placed them digitally in the film.

For the soundtrack we recorded several conversations and poems that the Aboriginal people talked while they were painting.

The film became a mesmerising animated composition of the paintings that show this community and all its fascinating world.

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