Regresso ao Palácio_09_HQ.jpg

The Return to the Palace

Queluz, Portugal


“Return to the Palace” was not only one of the largest projections made in Portugal with a 200m façade, but also the first virtual video mapping concert in the country. Created and produced by OCUBO, the work gave life to elements of the artistic, historical and decorative heritage of Queluz Palace.

While playing classical music, the orchestra of 25 virtual musicians was also interacting with characters from the 18th century performed by real actors. A thorough work of sound and image synchronization complemented by a 360o projection on the central statue of the building.

Making Of  

Queluz was the biggest project, time wise, Ocubo made. In order to do this big production we worked with a large team of animators, image composers, producers and video technicians for 3 months.

This project had two components, one being a virtual concert and the other being a historical film. For this purpose we filmed 2 days in a chroma film set first with 27 musicians from the Divino Sospiro Orchestra and 12 actors trained in reenacting the life of the palace in the 18th century.

In studio, we filmed with 4 cameras from 3 different views. Using all sorts of props like swings and a rotating platform, the actors were able to recreate several historical activities like riding on a gondola, doing picnics in the garden, playing 18th century games, and others.

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