The Fabulous Christmas Wish

Lisboa, Portugal


Full of magic and wonder, “The Fabulous Christmas Wish” symbolizes the spirit of this festive season through a fantastic story that takes place in an imaginary Lisbon. Sad children, stripped of any chance of having their wishes fulfilled, are surprised by the "Christmas Wish”, which challenges them to dream higher and achieve what they aim for: universal desires such as Love, Happiness, Friendship and Peace.

Art Direction - Nuno Maya & Carole Purnelle

Appealing choreographies full of movement, color and emotion set the scene for this energetic musical show with fun and catchy original soundtracks. Projected on the main façade of Terreiro do Paço, the action jumps between the Arch and the Statue in the middle of the square, leading the audience into an unforgettable tridimensional multimedia experience!

Making Of  

Starring - Fernando Alvin

Illustrations - André Letria    

Soundtrack - Francisco Rebelo, Boss AC

Dancers - National Ballet of Portugal

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