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4 Elements

Melbourne, Australia


4 Elements present how a physical occurrence can be felt, touched or perceived, confronting the audience with the characteristics of each of the four elements: earth, water, fire, and air.

The beauty and physical qualities of these elements were interpreted and personified by two dancers from the National Ballet Company of Portugal, one aerial circus performer and one synchronized swimming dancer. Expressing the relation we have to each of those elements, the performers interact with the architecture and bring to life the façade of the Royal Exhibition Building, on Sylvain Moreau's original sweeping sound composition.

Making Of  

For this show we filmed in different sets, in order to portrait the different elements (water, earth, fire and wind). One of the set was a film chroma studio and the other was an indoor pool. We used several cameras including an underwater gear.

The 3 dancers playing earth, fire and wind were filmed in the chroma studio and the aquatic dancer playing water was filmed in the pool.

The dancer who played wind was suspended in the air with a harness to make the illusion that he was flying.

The dancers were placed in the movie interacting with each other and the 3D facade.