OCUBO is a creative and highly skilled international studio that conceives corporate and artistic events using light and technology.

We have a wide experience and we work actively in the Asian market.

With our expertise and know how in immersive video mapping experiences we produce effective and remarkable brand activation projects and acclaimed large scale cultural events.Our inexhaustible creativity and on time/reliable delivery is the reason our partners value and trust unconditionally our work.



Our films turn real space into virtual ones by optical illusory images and movement 3D objects, monuments, buildings, walls, water and floors.Audiences are attracted and emotionally involved by the 2D and 3D mapping effects, with rich and artistic contents.We introduce real actors, performers and dancers into our virtual worlds to interact with the projected surfaces.



Our Interactive Shows allow people to interact with the environment.They are an interactive artwork with emotional involvement of the participants and viewers and allow people to express themselves.



Our Participative Shows involve local communities in their shows.Every day people are invited to be actors and creators of the film and to interact with the local’s projections.People are suprised to see that film actors are every day people. The community feels involved and pleased to participate in this kind of projects.



We create and produce, from concept to exhibition Light Festivals and Route Events.They are composed by several innovative and creative light instalations, marked by dazzling games of light, color, sound, movement and interactivity.Our events attract thousands of people. Media and clients talk about us in a intense and positive way.



• Invigoration of locations or cities, turning them into interesting places to visit which allows to increase touristic income and a positive communication of the brands involved.

• Contribution for the cultural leverage of cities and locations.

• Contribuition for location’s national and international projection.



We are constantly challenged by our clients to present audacious projects, whether they are small or large scale. We create them from its base and respond to a particular client purpose and expectation.
Their content and creativity are never replicated.
A new, exclusive and unique show!
OCUBO has a catalogue of existing shows that can be adapted to new locations/occasions. They maintain the creative concept and the specificities of technical production but they are totally remapped to a specific architecture, theme and objective.
Proven success shows adjusted to your event needs and purpose!