Alcobaça, Portugal


This magnificent immersive 360o Video Mapping, shown inside the largest Portuguese Monastery with live choir, passionate the audience. With more than 425.000 lumen projection power on the chantry, walls, pillars, domes and rose window, this show gave the public a different view of the monastery interior, revealing all its mystery and grandeur.

Universalis is a very unique project in the sense that the audience is submerged by the 360 projection.

For this project we had to create a 3D matrix of the inside of the Monastery and then we “unfolded” the building (like an architectural  blueprint) in order to work on it and do the layouts and composition.

When we finished the movie composition we had to take it back to the 3D cameras to export the outputs.

This project had 32 projectors that made one immersive and seamless “picture”.

Making Of